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Very Anxious to Learn the Business

By TK Burton | Trailers | March 29, 2010 |

By TK Burton | Trailers | March 29, 2010 |

Every fiber of my being tells me to hate the trailers for The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Sure, much of it is born out of my personal disdain for the disastrous, virus-like career of Nicholas Cage, who is featured in every 2.5 movies to come out of Hollywood. And they’re never good movies. Also, the idea is kind of dumb, as it’s supposed to be a sort of live-action re-imagining of the classic vignette from Fantasia. Also? Jerry Bruckheimer, who takes all good ideas and works very, very hard to make them suck.

And yet… Fuck me. I’m seriously disappointed in myself, because goddamnit, it looks kind of fun. Not good, mind you. But fun. Plus, it’s got Jay Baruchel, and I dig his geeky shtick. If there was some sort of awkward, stuttery nerd-off between him and Michael Cera, I’m taking Baruchel every time. Teresa Palmer is an added bonus — I’ve only seen her in Restraint, but I enjoyed it. And not just because she… well… you should see it. It’s also got Alfred Molina, not to mention Monica Bellucci, who is so hot I think every time I watch her on screen, my glasses melt.

Anyway, here’s the new trailer for The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

But we’re still not cool, Mr. Cage. Ghost Rider isn’t the type of shit I can just forget, let alone forgive.

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