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'Tomorrowland': Just Another Disney Dystopia, Now With 100% More Clooney!

By Vivian Kane | Trailers | October 9, 2014 |

By Vivian Kane | Trailers | October 9, 2014 |

Last we talked about the Tomorrowland movie, George Clooney was doing a Reddit AMA from set, wearing a harness and covered in wires. We don’t know for sure that that was actually part of the movie or just his everyday off-screen loungewear, but it sounds fun either way.

Now we have our first trailer for the film, and it looks to be 50% general YA dystopian fiction, 30% Truman Show, 20% Clooney’s soothing voice over narration. And if the idea of a movie based on a theme park attraction seems strange to you, just remember Pirates of the Caribbean. No, not the sequels, just the first one. Maybe just that first time you saw it in the theater, especially if you were in college or younger at the time. That was cool, right?

The puzzling point here is that word on the street— THIS street, to be exact:

—is that Disney’s been looking to demolish Tomorrowland almost entirely and replace it with something that people actually want to go to (Space Mountain and Star Tours not withstanding, those are treasures and will never ever leave us). So is this movie a nod at trying to save Tomorrowland, or will the film be totally irrelevant in five years, when that area is replaced with Marvel Land or Frozen World or whatever else they’re looking at?

ETA: Collider has a great breakdown of the extended clip that was released at Comic-Con this year, you know, if you’re into lengthy descriptions of Clooney dressed like a sexy lumberjack. (You are.)

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