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There Was Blood and Teeth Everywhere

By Willis Reynolds | Trailers | November 5, 2010 |

By Willis Reynolds | Trailers | November 5, 2010 |

If you are uninitiated in the world of British television (despite the best efforts of the illustrious Caspar Salmon) you may not be familiar with the show Misfits. I can’t really blame you for that, as it has only had one season of six episodes on the E4 channel, or for us Americans, The Internet. The show follows the (mostly illegal) exploits of five young people working off community service for various petty crimes. During one of their shifts they are hit with a freak electrical storm that gives them each a super power that relates to their personality (some less subtly than others). Simon can become invisible because he feels ignored, Curtis can turn back time because he threw away a promising future, Alisha can make men go into a sexual frenzy just by touching them because she is a whore, and Kelly can read people’s minds because the writers couldn’t think of a better power. The main character, Nathan, doesn’t discover his super power until the season 1 finale, so I won’t spoil it for you.

The season 2 premier of what is basically the British version of Heroes (only good) hits the airwaves on November 11th. For those of you who know the show, this clip provides a nice look into the set-up of the new season, and for those of you that have no idea what I’m talking about, the clip gives a good look into the personality (and witty writing) of the main character. The clip does allude to the previously mentioned spoilers, however, so if you are so inclined, go to and watch all the clips except “Back for good”.

If there’s one thing that will get the foul aftertaste of November 2nd out of my mouth, it’s some fouler-mouthed British teens.

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