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The War Has Begun: A Mess Of X-Men First Class Clips Show All Manner Of Mutant Mayhem

By TK Burton | Trailers | May 26, 2011 |

By TK Burton | Trailers | May 26, 2011 |

Well, it appears that now, less than two weeks away from the pretty highly anticipated release of X-Men: First Class, Marvel and Fox are moving forward with a full-court press, and now we have seven, count ‘em seven, brand new clips from the movie. They’re short, but you know what?

They’re pretty fuckin’ sweet.

It’s interesting. The more I see of the movie, the more I realize that Matthew Vaughn has decided to create an entirely new mythos using the X-Men universe. No, this is not the comic book origin of the characters. The characters are all wrong, the events don’t mesh with the canon, the chronology is fucked. We finally see Sebastian Shaw, and he doesn’t quite match the sheer Machiavellian menace of the book’s character. But I said it before, and I hold to it: this isn’t the X-Men we grew up with, because let’s be honest — comic books fuck around with chronology and retconning and stories so much, getting a clear history of anything is near impossible.

What they’ve done is something that isn’t too uncommon in comic books — they’ve taken characters from the existing universe, and made it into something wholly new. And as I’ve posited before, as long as they’re loyal to the theory of the universe and characters? I think I can live with it. I think. The advance reviews of the film have been surprisingly positive. So perhaps this will work. We shall see.

Regardless, here are the clips. They’re a little spoilery. They’re very heavy on action, and you finally get to see Shaw and Emma Frost in action. If you pieced together all of the clips that they’ve released, you can probably figure out the movie almost entirely, so beware. But they’re certainly worth the watch if you’re on the fence. I’ve gathered them from all over the damn place, so forgive the different formats, and some of them have ads, but suck it up.


I have to say, though — January Jones isn’t working for me at all as Emma Frost. Ah well, no one bats a thousand.

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