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It's Superbad, Only SUPER F**KING BAD

By Brian Prisco | Trailers | August 18, 2010 |

By Brian Prisco | Trailers | August 18, 2010 |

Wherefore shall four young stout lads of virtuous naught gather, thine quest shall be only to get laid forsooth. This general sentiment has been etched on the walls of privies since the dawn of the shitter. I actually think that once the Lumiere brothers discovered the secret of moving pictures, their third one was about The Quest for the Highschool Pussy. Because that’s all that matters.

It was bad enough your daughters were giving up their virtues to sweaty fumbling teenage assclowns in the backseats of cars. Now, it’s gonna be on YouTube!

The Virginity Hit is about a bunch of losers who were cast because they look and sound like the losers from the Hollywood studio flicks who want to lose their virginity. Actually, it’s even worse. It’s about a group of wannabe AV clubbers who document their efforts through YouTube videos in their quest to get their ugly McLovin friend laid. It’s Superbad, only SUPER FUCKING BAD.

It’s supposed to look like an endearingly awkward documentary, but it’s painfully scripted by the guy who directed Chea+ers and the dude who wrote The Last Exorcism.

I won’t even get into the privacy issues, the total revulsion of exploiting a teenage girl, the child pornography slant, the hideousness of the actors, or the general skeeviness of turning out a generation of camera phone/Flip wielding Joe Francises. I think this is all just a sinister plot hatched by studios to encourage a generation of twits to broadcast their sexual escapades so the government steps in and violates any possible net neutrality once and for all.

Because that’s the only reason something like this would be made. THE ONLY REASON.

Adam McKay and Will Ferrell produce.

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