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The Official 'Baywatch' Trailer Probably Gives Away All Of The Funniest Bits

By Petr Knava | Trailers | March 23, 2017 |

By Petr Knava | Trailers | March 23, 2017 |

The Baywatch trailer is out.

And, honestly, if you’re planning to watch the movie, I would advise skipping the trailer.

Like, I want to post it here. I think I basically have to post it here, after writing that headline up there, but at the same time it’d feel like a public service to not post it, in a way.

That’s not me necessarily hating on the movie, by the way. It’s just I’m not exactly enthused for it either. I don’t think anyone really is, but still. I should try maintain a degree of objectivity I suppose. The names behind Baywatch do not exactly inspire confidence, but then again how blindsided were we when Phil Lord and Christopher Miller came out of basically nowhere and gave us the way-funnier-than-it-had-any-right-to-be 21 Jump Street? To be honest, it seems—from the trailer, which I’ve made up my mind I’m definitely not posting here—that that 21 Jump Street vibe is exactly what the makers of Baywatch are going for. There probably isn’t any other way to make a Baywatch movie in the 21st century. Just take a bunch of very attractive people, dress the whole thing up in an in impenetrable cloak of meta, absolutely saturate the script with gags—some of which will land, many of which won’t—and then maybe sneak in some minimal, unexpected emotional connection somewhere.

But man, I just can’t help but feel after watching that trailer—which I am not including here—that they have given away all of their best gags already. It’s happened before. Studios keep doing it.

So, yeah, my advice remains: if you are planning to watch Baywatch, absolutely do not watch this trailer that I am not posting here:


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