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The New, City-Destroying, Humor-Injected 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' Has Landed

By Petr Knava | Trailers | December 3, 2015 |

By Petr Knava | Trailers | December 3, 2015 |

After what seems like about fifteen or so trailers, teasers, and teaser trailers, Zack Snyder and DC have dropped another new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer. The twist? This is the first one that actually has me at all interested in the movie in any shape or form.

Why? Have a watch and try and guess:

Well, can you guess? There’s something different this time that hints at some possible goodness.

No, it’s not Mr Huge Chin.
giant chin.jpg
It’s not Huge Chin meeting New Wayne while both in civilian clothes either.
giant chin and new bat.jpg
And it’s certainly not the very subtle, repeated Jesus imagery.
jesus .jpg
It’s because it seems that DC — despite all signs pointing to them accelerating further and further in the opposite direction from Marvel — may have actually learned a lesson from their rivals, and decided to inject a little bit of levity into the proceedings. And no, we’re not talking Jesse Eisenberg doing his best ‘Lex Luthor doing Jim Carrey’s The Riddler’ impression.
lex the joker.png

I mean that there is actually some dialogue that isn’t all portentous gloom! Specifically the moment when Wonder Woman shows up in the nick of time to save Supes and The Bat from being Doomsday toast.
i thought she was with you.jpg
‘Is she with you?’
‘I thought she was with you?’

Aww, it’s like someone picked up their first How to Write Joss Whedon Dialogue for Dummies book. Well, it’s still better than the never ending stream of ominous pronouncements we’ve had thus far.

Oh, and yeah — Doomsday shows up. He shows up looking like he got lost on the way to the set of Michael Bay’s Ninja Turtles, but he does bring Wonder Woman into the proceedings. And Gal Gadot certainly looks the part.

In summary then, the trailer’s story goes: they meet; Lex Luthor gets involved; they fight; Batman somehow avoids dying while fighting a god; Lex Luthor presents Doomsday; Wonder Woman shows up; they all team up to fight Doomsday.

And don’t worry: I know what you’re thinking, and yes — death to all buildings!
city dest.jpg

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is out 25th March.

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