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The Dance Of The Dead, It’s All In My Head: Footloose Trailer #2

By TK Burton | Trailers | August 15, 2011 |

By TK Burton | Trailers | August 15, 2011 |

Aw, what the fuck. Why’d they have to make the kid from Boston? That just means more poorly faked accents. I can’t deal with that.

Anyway, here’s the trailer for what will likely be a super-sized bucket of shitted pigs. The Footloose remake, a remake that couldn’t be less relevant or necessary, and yet, here we are. The thing is, the original Footloose is, to be quite clear, fucking stupid. Seriously, it’s a shit movie. I’m not saying it’s not entertaining and/or amusing, but it’s still fucking stupid, and I imagine that everyone involved (at least, all of those who went on to have actual acting careers) are likely somewhat embarrassed by it, as YOU should be of your love of it. But even with all of that said, it did have Kevin Bacon and Chris Penn. What’s this got? Some chick from “Dancing With The Stars” and… Dennis Quaid. Oh, Dennis.

Regardless, there was a certain charm to the original at the time, even if in retrospect it’s pretty silly. That charm is not only no longer relevant these days, but the trailer lacks any kind of charm, period, and the idea (dancing is banned because of dead kids? Sure, I buy it) seems even more ridiculous now. This feels like more of a cash-in on the current spate of dance movie flicks than it is on any kind of nostalgia. Let’s face it - the demographic that this is marketed at has little to no memory of the original in the first place.

So, here’s what happens when a drunken baboon eats your Footloose DVD and barfs it up into a movie producer’s lap. Enjoy.

Yeah, it’s a lot more explodey than the original, isn’t it.

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