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The Bridesmaids Marketing Machine Wants You To Know What Sex With Jon Hamm Would Be Like

By Joanna Robinson | Trailers | April 27, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Trailers | April 27, 2011 |

I’ve been getting more and more excited with each bit of Bridesmaids promotion I see. This new Red Band trailer, for example, has the lovely ladies cursing up a storm and some delightful Hamm-o-sexual action. NSFW-ish.

However, I confess, I’m not totally in love with these Character Posters. As with the the header photos, the chicas are supporting delightfully pissy expressions and fatigued poses, but it’s like the marketing department was aiming for Seriously Random List and landed somewhere in Seriously Bland Stereotypes. Also, “Maid of Dishonor??” Our Pajiba readers sneeze better wordplay, marketeers. Scroll down to the bottom and then we’ll have a little chat about what it going on with Melissa McCarthy’s waist.







Yeah, okay, kudos, marketeers, for not calling her “The Fat One,” but way to photoshoposuction the hell out of your actress. If you’ve never watched “Gilmore Girls” (your loss) or that pile of CBScrement “Mike and Molly,” you may not be aware of Melissa McCarthy. She’s adorable and charming but the picture below gives a better indication of her actual circumference.


Hell, photoshopping happens. Happens all the time to actresses who are already rail-thin. But I did rather hope that this movie was going for something a little cooler than that. I know Wiig et. al. don’t have control over the marketing machine, but that kind of blatant manipulation really pisses me off.

Speaking of things that piss me of, I can’t really explain why I still watch “Glee.” (I can, it’s for things like Kurt’s Sunset Boulevard number which he completely knocked out of the park and into the next zip code.) The writing is horrible and the acting is, for the most part, very sh*tty, but can we discuss (in brief) the t-shirt thing at the end of last night’s episode? Each character was supposed to write some aspect of themselves they were “born with” which makes their life harder but which they are trying to “own.” So Kurt wrote something about his homosexuality, Mr. Schuester wrote “Butt Chin” (should have been “Ass Hat,” but whatever) and the two overweight females wrote something about their race (“No Weave”) and personality (“Bad Attitude”).


What’s up with that? Once again, I’m not looking for the “Fat Chick” label to be thrown around, and you could argue that being overweight is not something you’re “born” with. But neither is a “Bad Attitude,” right? Is there anything wrong with being overweight? Well, one can argue that health-wise there is, so perhaps the show doesn’t want to be seen advocating poor health choices. But we’re embracing Gay (as well we should) and OCD and not touching the overweight thing? I just found it off-putting and weird and dishonest. But, then again, that sums up a lot of what happens on “Glee.”

Joanna Robinson didn’t mean to go off on a “Glee” tirade. These things just happen sometimes. She also apologizes for “Hamm-o-sexual” but will stand by “CBScrement.” By, not in. Email! Twitter!

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