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The Avengers Throws 12-Second Teaser Teaser Online Like Thor Launches Mjolnir At Frost Giants

By Rob Payne | Trailers | July 31, 2011 |

By Rob Payne | Trailers | July 31, 2011 |

Like most of Marvel’s movies (even the ones not produced by their studio), Captain America: The First Avenger has a button scene in the credits that leads into the next movie, specifically Joss Whedon’s The Avengers. However, this sequence is different, in that there is actual footage of the upcoming film inserted, as well, making it the movie’s first official teaser. Opening weekend, that scene could be found in bootleg fashion all over the internet, but was exiled into the analog realm faster than Quicksilver whines about his deadbeat dad on a day that ends in -day — as far as I can find, anyway. To throw those people who have yet to see Captain America a hammer, Marvel has placed a tease of the end-credits teaser for the Avengers onto Yahoo! for all to see. See?

(Spoiler Alert, if you haven’t seen the movie, never read the comics, or never imagined how a World War II era super soldier might suddenly appear in a “present day” superhero team-up movie.)

MTV’s Splash Page has a good blow-by-blow of the actual teaser-teaser that starts at 35 seconds in, so I won’t cover the same old ground here. But I would like to point out something specific that I only caught because of their write-up: Mark Ruffalo appears with the rest of his cast mates in what I imagine is the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier’s war room…



…which means that Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner’s Hulk is on the Avengers team, definitely, and not one of the movie’s villains, which was speculated on in the past, due to its prominence in the Ultimates comics and cartoons, which the Marvel studio produced movies generally borrow heavily from in comparison to the 616 Universe (speaking of alerts, nerd alert). I probably should have come to that conclusion based on the previously released concept art, as well as several of the events in the button scenes from the other movies, but I didn’t.Now that I have, I like what it means for the movie and the team concept, which is now always in immediate danger of going belly up with the uncontrollable Hulk added to the mix. Should make for a good ride next summer.

Rob Payne also writes the indie comic The Unstoppable Force, co-hosts the internet radio show We’re Not Fanboys, and can be Hulk, or any other kind of, smashed on the Twitter @RobOfWar.

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