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Tatiana's Back, and That's All That Really Matters About 'Orphan Black'

By Cindy Davis | Trailers | March 10, 2014 |

By Cindy Davis | Trailers | March 10, 2014 |

I’m not going to lie; the first season of Orphan Black faded away for me. The premise was great, and watching Sarah Manning (Tatiana Maslany) discover who and what she is opened up an exciting television doorway. I was ripe for the plucking after Dollhouse’s demise, but as the series began plodding through some of the second half’s soapy silliness (Alison and her husband), I’m afraid I lost interest. That said, I was still impressed with Tatiana’s fantastic range, adored Felix (Jordan Gavaris), and some of the clones (Sarah, Rachel, Cosima) may draw me back in. At the very least, Maslany deserves a second chance. This new trailer holds promise, with Rachel and Sarah at odds, a missing Kira (Skyler Wexler) and new (or changed?) clones…

I’m totally down with shooting everyone. Now it’s time to put my faith in the writers—here’s hoping they can bring Series 2 up to Tatiana’s level. Orphan Black returns to BBCA April 19th.

Oh and hey, did you know there were secret binary messages hidden in the recent BBCA sneak peeks? Pretty cool…pretty, pretty cool.

Cindy Davis, (Twitter) could be a clone. You don’t know.

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