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Super 8 Sneak Peak

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | May 17, 2011 |

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | May 17, 2011 |

J.J. Abrams released the first trailer for Super 8 ahead of Iron Man 2 last year and followed that up with a teaser during the Super Bowl this year. With the release date less than a month away, ‘twas decided that there should be more advertising, since a movie that makes it to theaters without six trailers, two teasers, four “making-of” vignettes, cast interviews, and a beverage tie-in just isn’t trying these days. So they released a 30 second clip to warm up the Internet a little.

It’s funny, but this represents 30 seconds of completely new footage while managing to not actually reveal anything new. The action is (presumably) the final footage of more or less the same footage in the original trailer, although at that point it was just slick CGI in a vacuum without characters and dialogue and such.

Two notes. First, I don’t get the Spielberg vibe from it so much as the early Stephen King vibe. Teenagers, summer days, rural America, the sudden appearance of horror. Let’s just say that if I was handed a thirty year old paper back with “Super 8” and Stephen King on the cover, I would be baffled at how I missed it all these years, but still might accept its reality.

Second, please tell me that kid getting out of driver’s seat of the car isn’t really supposed to be sixteen or older. He looks twelve. IMDB doesn’t have an age for the actor. I feel old.

Also, Wikipedia says that Matt Damon is doing the voice for the alien, which is not confirmed elsewhere, but if true is some kind of awesome, but if not, is an equally awesome troll.

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