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Jon Hamm Gets His "Give Me Back My Daughter" Moment

By Dustin Rowles | Trailers | March 29, 2010 |

By Dustin Rowles | Trailers | March 29, 2010 |

Best I can tell, the movie for the trailer we are about to present, Stolen, has already come and gone, movie theater wise, and has been on IFC On Demand for a few weeks now. But it completely slipped under our radar (and most everyone else’s, too), despite the name cast: Jon Hamm, Josh Lucas, James Van Der Beek, and Rhona Mitra. But, I gotta say: It looks a lot more like a James Van Der Beek and Rhona Mitra movie than it does a Josh Lucas or a Jon Hamm one. That is to say, it looks very bad.

You remember back in the days when people actually visited video stores? You’d roam the aisles and stumble upon a movie starring a recently popular A-lister that you’d never heard of. Chances are, that was a movie the star made before he or she was big, and it was being re-released in the wake of that newfound popularity. Stolen looks like that kind of movie, though Hamm and Lucas have been around for too long for it to actually be that movie.

It’s another one of those lost kid movies, though the lost kid in question seems to be related to another lost kid from 50 years ago. It’s overacted to the hilt, and there’s enough melodrama here to kick you on your ass. Check out the trailer:

That trailer was brought to my attention by tris, who also brought to my attention the trailer for The Square, which comes out in limited release on April 9th. Harry Knowles over at Ain’t It Cool News calls it “The Best Film Noir since Body Heat.” I think you only need to watch the trailer to understand just how completely full of shit Harry Knowles is, and how unbelievably quick he is to sell out. Seriously. The best film noir in the last 30 years? Give me an aching goddamn break.

Finally, tris also brought to my attention to trailer for the documentary, An Inconvenient Tax, which is about the busted, overly complicated U.S. Tax Code. And as someone who just spent the large part of his Saturday doing taxes, the line from the trailer that stuck out most for me was, “It’s so complicated that you have no idea whether you’ve done it right or not.” Yes. That’s exactly right — so terrified am I of screwing up, I end up removing certain deductions for fear that I’m not paying enough and the IRS will come and steal me. Seriously, I err on the side of paying more out of simple fear.

The doc — which opens, appropriately enough, on April 15th — presents the problem, and appears to offer a variety of solutions that we are to choose from. The idea, I suppose, is that we can somehow build a consensus behind one solution. It’s not going to happen, of course. No one can agree on jack shit, so we’ll probably continue this confusing crap for decades to come. (I think I like the consumption tax, but then again, that sounds awfully regressive. As is the flat tax). Here’s another solution: The tax system should be like Radiohead albums: Pay what you feel like you should pay.

I’m sure that’d work.

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