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"Rescue Me" Final Season Teaser

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | June 27, 2011 |

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | June 27, 2011 |

I’m not quite sure if the news should be that “Rescue Me” is actually still on the air, or that the final season of it is coming up in a couple of weeks. I watched the first two or three seasons of it, what feels like half a lifetime ago, and then just petered out at some point when there was a TiVo glitch of some sort between seasons and I kept forgetting to fix the season pass. That’s a pretty good exercise in maintaining sanity through insanity. Randomly delete season passes occasionally. If you notice, you’ll fix it soon enough. If not, you didn’t really care enough to waste the time watching it.

In any case, “Rescue Me” always seemed to not quite know what it wanted to be as a television show. It was funny, but never funny enough to pull its own weight as a comedy. It had some serious dramatic chops at times, but it never seemed willing to have the characters evolve and so it felt like going through the same ruts over and over again. I caught random episodes over the years after I stopped watching, and there was no problem watching it because it always felt like it could have been the next episode after I stopped watching. Comedies can get away with static characters and situations, but dramas just go stale that way.

Here’s the trailer for the seventh and final season which will be airing starting July 13th.

Meh. Same thing as above. I genuinely like the characters, the writing, the acting, but this could also be the trailer for seasons one through six. Oh, and Denis Leary had this to say about the planned ending of the show:

“One second before our credits roll, there’s a twist. I think it’s going to be funny, dramatic, shocking and satisfying.”

There are only two ways that plays out. Either it’s something funny that tacks a nice laugh onto the end of the series, or it’s something that legitimately twists what has come before and just pisses everybody off. My guess is that on a meta level, Denis Leary would find the second option hilariously satisfying.

(source: CinemaBlend and NY Daily News)

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