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Remember When I Predicted the Entire Plot of New Year's Day Based Only on the Cast? Here's the Trailer. How'd I Do?

By Dustin Rowles | Trailers | July 27, 2011 |

By Dustin Rowles | Trailers | July 27, 2011 |

Having seen He’s Just Not That Into You, Valetine’s Day, Love, Actually and nearly every other romantic comedy — good and bad — ever made, way back in February I decided to take a crack at spoiling the entire plot of New Year’s Day. For those of you who don’t recall, New Year’s Day is the unofficial sequel to Valentine’s Day, which just means it’s a bunch of famous people in very small roles in one giant mess of an ensemble movie.

It’s hard to gauge exactly what the plot is from the trailer, but there are a few glimpses of scenes that already match the descriptions. Keep in mind, again, that the only thing I knew about the movie was who was in the cast and when it would take place (New Year’s Day).

Here’s where things align, so far. Back in February, I predicted of Josh Duhamel’s character: “He decides, when he returns to New York, to meets up with a woman he had made a date to meet at a special place last New Year’s Eve. The identity of that woman is meant to be a secret until the last moment, but by process of elimination, it has to be …”

The very first scene on the trailer basically reveals Duhamel returning and looking for that “secret woman.” I predicted it would be Sarah Jessica Parker, by the way, and at the end of the trailer, you can see her running toward an unidentified person on the same city street.

I also said that Duhamel would change his priorities based on an encounter with a loving family on a plane. It looks like I was wrong: It’s on a bus.

Of Michelle Pfeiffer’s character, I predicted: “She plays a bitter, put-upon secretary who decides to quit her job. She enrolls the assistance of a bike messenger played by Zac Efron. He helps her tackle all of her New Year’s Resolutions from the previous year before midnight. Pfieffer and Efron end up becoming good friends over the course of the evening.”

That’s definitely in the trailer.

There’s not much to go on with the Heigl/Jon Bon Jovi subplot, but what little there is in the trailer doesn’t contradict what I wrote, namely that they were once together but hadn’t seen each other in a while.

Of Lea Michelle and Ashton Kutcher, I predicted: “As they are leaving the recording studio, they get stuck in an elevator together. They initially hate one another and spend much of their time cutting each other down. That is, until they realize how well they know each other, make a connection, kiss, and accompany one another to Times Square.”

Looks like I might have been wrong about the elevator. It looks like they get stuck on the roof, instead. But I also said that Michelle would end up singing at Times Square. That’s definitely in the trailer.

Finally, from what we can see in the trailer, I predicted that Hillary Swank would leave her position as co-host of the Times Square ball drop and return to the hospital to see her dying father, played by Robert DeNiro, before the ball dropped. I said, “At the end of the movie, DeNiro spends his last moments alive watching the ball drop with his daughter, Hillary Swank.” There’s no scene with DeNiro in the hospital, but I’d bet $50 that’s DeNiro at the end of the trailer on top of the hospital watching the ball drop with Swank. The dialogue certainly fits the occasion.

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