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Does This Look Infected?

By TK Burton | Trailers | February 8, 2010 |

By TK Burton | Trailers | February 8, 2010 |

What can I say, I’m on an Australia kick. Here’s the trailer for Primal, which starts out looking like your average, run-of-the-outback (seewhatididthere?killme), pretty-20-somethings-in-trouble horror flick. I was basically just sitting around waiting for the mutants, or the zombies or giant alligators or something to show up.

As you can see, it’s something else entirely. And let me just say, if one of my friends goes swimming next time we go camping and comes out looking like something from The Descent, I’m taking a shovel to your head and I’ll later write a really nice sympathy note to your mom, because FUCK. THAT.

Anyway, six Australians go out to party in the middle of nowhere, and one of them gets infected with… something. She gets sick, and unlike the utterly disappointing The Ruins (to which this has a somewhat similar vibe), instead of lying around whining like a goddamn wuss and waiting for the fucking plants to eat her, she becomes some sort of primal beast, hunting down her friends. It gets weirder after that — another of them gets infected, and there appears to be some sort of giant snake creature involved as well. Also, I hated The Ruins.

Regardless, I’m interested. It’s a fairly unusual setting and concept, and I like the simplicity of it — other than some (seemingly poor) CG for the creature effects, it appears to be resting its laurels on plotting, suspense, gore and makeup effects. No release date has been set yet, unfortunately.

(trailer courtesy of Shock Til You Drop)

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