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Never Sleep Again

By TK Burton | Trailers | September 28, 2009 |

By TK Burton | Trailers | September 28, 2009 |

Well, now. This is interesting. Below you’ll find the teaser trailer for the remake/reboot of A Nightmare On Elm Street, directed by Samuel Bayer and starring Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy Krueger. It appears, based on the limited footage below, that they’ve taken all of the humor and punnery out of the concept, which, despite my earlier gripes about a lack of humor in horror, is not necessarily a bad thing. After the first couple of entries, this franchise began to eat itself, offering fewer and fewer scares in favor of cheap shock gags and cheesy one-liners. Freddy Krueger ceased to be even remotely scary about halfway through Dream Warriors. After that, they may as well have been cartoons.

On the other hand, given Bayer’s experience with music video and the budget he was given, I expected more out of the dream sequences and landscapes. Overall, the cinematography seems rather bland and uninspired, which would be a shame. But, of course, this is only a couple of minutes of footage, so it’s too soon to get too concerned with that. What is clear is that they’ll be showing more of the history of Krueger, which I am certainly down with, instead of relegating his history to flashbacks and characters referring to it through stories. This is one of the few remakes that I’m sort of looking forward to.

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