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Milla Jovovich Will Kill Zombies In Your Lap

By TK Burton | Trailers | June 22, 2010 |

By TK Burton | Trailers | June 22, 2010 |

I’m on record as thoroughly enjoying the first Resident Evil film. Dustin thought it was crap, but given that Dustin didn’t know the difference between Flash Gordon and The Flash, I’m gonna go ahead and say his opinion on all things geek-related isn’t all that important. Regardless, there are more than a few Resident Evil fans out there.

I guess what I’m saying is, this post is for those people. While I enjoyed the first film, the second (Apocalypse) was an overblown, bloated mess. The third (Extinction) wasn’t as bad, but didn’t quite hit the right notes. Perhaps it’s because one of the things that worked about the first film was that it was small — a group of soldiers, trapped underground, zombies and monsters and a menacing as fuck computer system voiced by a little girl. It worked. Once writer/director Paul W.S. Anderson started trying to explore grander, worldwide themes, the series started to stumble.

Now we’ve got the trailer for the fourth, and likely (hopefully) final entry, Resident Evil: Afterlife, which seems to scale things back in some ways, but then again, they’re touting the hell out of the effects (it’s in 3D, and the fancy, James-Cameron-Swingin’-Dick kind, not some crappy post-production 3D). It’s in 3D! Kaboom! It’ll feel like the undead are being decapitated right in front of you! You’ll get goo and ichor on your pants!

Watch the trailer. It’s got some interesting stuff in it — Wesker’s in it, as is Wentworth Miller (“Prison Break”) as Chris Redfield. Yes, the films fuck up the chronology and storylines of the games, but let’s be honest — the Resident Evil games have some pretty ridiculous plotlines anyway.

Oh, and while you don’t see him in the trailer? Kim Coates, people. We all know that movies need more Kim Coates.

Here’s the trailer, courtesy of The Playlist:

Yeah. I’ll see it. I may punch myself afterward, but I’ll see it.

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