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Netflix's Dual 'Amanda Knox' Trailers Are Pure Speculative Brilliance

By Vivian Kane | Trailers | September 8, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Trailers | September 8, 2016 |

Netflix’s documentary Amanda Knox, which comes out at the end of this month, just released two trailers, which are so different that ostensibly, you’d think they were for two different movies.

If you’ve somehow missed the last decade, Amanda Knox was an American student studying abroad in Italy in 2007. She was convicted of murdering her roommate, Meredith Kercher, and spent nearly four years in jail before being acquitted. Before and during her trial, there were OJ Simpson-levels of speculation and campaigning by the Italian media and prosecution, creating a narrative that her supporters saw as guaranteeing the impossibility of a fair trial.

And from the look of it, it’s that manufacturing of a narrative that the documentary will explore, possibly even more than the story itself. The trailer above is labeled “Believe Her,” while the one below is “Suspect Her.” Both are for the same Netflix documentary, but are edited to take opposite stances, convincing us of their opposing theses.

In the midst of our current collective true crime fascination, Amanda Knox fits right in with Making a Murderer, Criminal Justice, The Night Of, Serial, and every other program that fulfills our craving to not just know the truth, but to be the brilliant, rogue detectives who find the truth. From the documentary’s official synopsis:

As a hunger for salacious and exciting news stories grows, what role do we all play in the perpetuation and the creation of ‘front page’ ready narratives? Amanda Knox is a human story that goes past the headlines to examine the often fraught relationship between true crime tragedy, justice and entertainment.

Here’s the documentary’s poster. The movie hits Netflix September 30th, just in case that day isn’t already blocked off in your calendar for Luke Cage.


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