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Netflix's 'Death Note' Trailer Looks Like A Hot Topic Ad, Which Is Perfect

By Victoria McNally | Trailers | March 22, 2017 |

By Victoria McNally | Trailers | March 22, 2017 |

I mean no disrespect to Hot Topic. That is how a Death Note movie is supposed to look. They completely nailed it. Good job, Netflix.

Death Note, for the unfamiliar, is based on a popular Japanese anime series in which a young man (Light Yagami) finds a magical notebook that kills whoever’s name is written within it, and uses it to enact swift and terrible “justice” on criminals, all while a genius teenage detective (“L”) tries to track him down. So, naturally the American adaptation stars a white actor, Nat Wolff. What a shock.

Of course, Death Note isn’t on quite the level that, say, Ghost In The Shell is in terms of cultural significance to Japan, and they didn’t go so white with this adaptation (L is played by Lakeith Stanfield of Atlanta and Get Out, which, YES). Also, Light’s supposed to be an entitled little shit, so the fact that he’s being played by a white actor doesn’t quite irk me in the same way. Basically, I don’t think anyone’s going to judge you quite as harshly for checking the movie out despite the whitewashing. What they’ll judge you for is watching Death Note, full stop.

No, I kid, I kid! The first third of the show is good. The last episode too, maybe. But God, the Misa sub-plot. Watch the anime on Netflix if you don’t believe me. Also, did I mention that this is the character Willem DaFoe is playing?


Yeah, of course it is. And it looks like they haven’t changed the design at all. Who am I kidding, I’m definitely gonna watch this.