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Wait, That Was Released When? Movie Trailers That Totally Slipped By Us

By Emily Cutler | Trailers | July 12, 2016 |

By Emily Cutler | Trailers | July 12, 2016 |

I don’t want to intimidate anyone too much, but I consider myself something of a trailer connoisseur. Alright, now calm down. And despite the fact that I regularly check my haunts for new trailers for fun (yes, I am that cool), sometimes a trailer or two will still slip by. Below are the most interesting trailers for movies we totally didn’t realize were released.

The Family Fang

I get that sometimes actors make movies that people never hear of. But I’m a little surprised that this one didn’t pop up on my radar at all. Jason Bateman, Kathryn Hahn, Christopher Walken, even Nicole Kidman has been winning me over lately (by mostly being not around). Not to mention that movies about adult children of dysfunctional families are kind of my jam (yes, I liked This Is Where I Leave You. I’m the one). The fact that the producers of this movie didn’t send me a personally addressed, actual letter saying, “Hey, Emily Chambers, you’ll want to see this movie,” can only mean that lots of people should probably be losing their jobs.

No Men Beyond This Point

As it turns out, some movies are never heard of because, despite their seemingly interesting premise, they’re just bad. This might be one of those movies. I, however, am a sick person, and will eventually need to see this movie, if only to figure out what the hell the movie is trying to say. Is this satire of the current state of sexism? Or an attempt to paint misandry as a real thing? Also did everyone writing this movie forget that women form non-sexual attachments with men and therefore we actually wouldn’t be cool with our friend, fathers, and brothers just slowly dying out? So many questions.

Wiener Dog

So on the one hand, this actually doesn’t seem that interesting. A few vignettes of various white people doing various white people things doesn’t seem new or necessarily intriguing. On the other hand,


Further supported by,


So, yeah, I’m going to see it.

Breaking A Monster

Goddamnit, documentaries, you’ve got to stop producing too many things I want to watch! The fact that someone in this trailer says the actual line “three African-American kids from Brooklyn who are in a heavy metal band” means that this could very quickly become a reductive view of being outsiders in an industry. Given the glowing reviews though, I can’t imagine that’s actually the case. I’m hoping instead for an honest look at how far a “hook” will get you, and how hard musicians have to work after the “novelty” wears off. I’m almost hoping for a bit of inspiration from three teenagers who have figured out more about being an adult than I have. Guys, if any of you need a mentee, I’m more than up for the job.

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