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How to Market a Movie Properly

By TK Burton | Trailers | March 10, 2010 |

By TK Burton | Trailers | March 10, 2010 |

I admit, I’m skeptical. There’s very little know about Monsters, the new movie from director Gareth Edwards. Edwards previously directed the… um… not much. He also wrote… uh, well… OK, so he’s something of an unknown. The film is being not-so-quietly marketed as “The Latin District 9,” meaning it’s about aliens and it doesn’t take place in the United States. OK, ignoring the blatant and obnoxious small-mindedness of that particular sentiment, here’s what little plot synopsis that there is:

“6 years ago NASA discovered the possibility of alien life within our solar system.

A probe was launched to collect samples, but crashed upon re-entry over Central America. Soon after new life forms began to appear there and half of Mexico was quarantined as an INFECTED ZONE.

Today, the American and Mexican military still struggle to contain “the creatures”…

The story begins when a US journalist agrees to escort a shaken American tourist through the infected zone in Mexico to the safety of the US border.”

Interesting. The title Monsters gives me the feeling that we’re dealing with creatures on a larger scale than most alien films. A random but potentially intriguing picture has been released:


Again, not much (are the aliens giant land octopuses?). But here’s the kicker: the teaser footage that’s been released. It’s not a trailer, it’s just two minutes of footage. But say whatever you want about the little nuggets we have, and I’ll say: this is how you should run a marketing campaign. Give nothing away, but make it interesting. And the clip below? Tells us almost nothing, but damn if it doesn’t make me curious. See for yourself.

Trailer and images courtesy of i09)

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