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Let's Tread Lightly, But Baz Luhrmann's Netflix Show Might Be Worth Getting Hyped For

By Vivian Kane | Trailers | January 6, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Trailers | January 6, 2016 |

When it was announced that Baz Luhrmann had cast the reincarnation of Pythagorus, Jaden Smith, in his upcoming Netflix show about the 1970s New York hip hop scene, it was just too much WTF to wrap our brains around. Everything about this was exciting, but maybe only in the way that a NASCAR race is exciting. It definitely felt like there was a high risk of this ending in a fiery mess of too much concept and probably lots of sparkles.

But the first “sizzle” trailer that was released today works against almost every expectation I had. And that’s due in large part to the fact that— as Joanna over at Vanity Fair pointed out— this doesn’t really feel like a Baz Luhrmann show. Now, I love Luhrmann. (Most Luhrmann, anyway.) But I love the crazy spectacular spectacular camp of his more recent work for completely different reasons than I love his simpler stories like Strictly Ballroom, but The Get Down doesn’t feel like it fits in in either of those camps. Sure, it’s got that over-the-top stylized feel you’d expect, but if I saw this trailer and had to guess its creator, I don’t think Luhrmann would be in my top 100 guesses.

And just to make sure you’re excited, they throw in the presence of faces like Jimmy Smits and Gus Fring himself, Giancarlo Esposito. The whole show looks layered, challenging, and fun as hell.

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