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'It Comes At Night' Gets A New Terrifying Trailer

By Victoria McNally | Trailers | May 1, 2017 |

By Victoria McNally | Trailers | May 1, 2017 |

Man, A24 is really killing it, lately, aren’t they? I mean, yeah, the independent film studio just just won an Oscar for Moonlight so obviously it’s doing well — but even just in terms of small-scale, genre-focused horror movies, likeEx Machina, and then they had The Witch, it’s starting to become a household name. Now there’s It Comes At Night a horror-thriller by second-time director Trey Howard Shultz that unexpectedly got its world premiere screening at the new Overlook Film Festival (which sounds like it’s located at the place this movie was filmed) in Oregon.

Judging from everyone’s rave reviews, it sounds like it’s one part zombie infection, one part post-apocalyptic bunker scenario, and one part coming-of-age sexuality story, all washed with a healthy dose of creepy bump-in-the-night woods-full-of-bogeymen vibes. Joel Egerton, Carmen Ejogo, and their son Kelvin Harrison Jr. live in a bunker together when a new family (Christopher Abbot, Riley Keough, and Griffin Robert Faulkner) intrudes on their space. That’s all good knowledge to have going into this trailer, because I didn’t and spent the entire time wondering why anyone would chose to stay in a cabin where there’s only one way in or out and you’re forbidden to go out at night.

It Comes At Night hits theaters on June 9 — so, plenty of time to perfect your survival skills in the meantime.