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'Insidious 4' Trailer, And Then Something Really Scary

By Kristy Puchko | Trailers | September 6, 2017 |

By Kristy Puchko | Trailers | September 6, 2017 |

Insidious is a horror franchise that just won’t die. Sure, James Wan’s first outing with the haunted Lambert clan was satisfyingly creepy, and spiked with solid jump scares. Then Insidious: Chapter 2 expanded the spooky mythos for some new thrills. Next, 2015 brought Insidious: Chapter 3, a prequel that I know I saw, but barely remember. And now, here we are with Insidious: Chapter 4, A.K.A. Insidious: The Last Key.

Wan is long gone, but screenwriter Leigh Whannell remains, penning a new adventure for Lin Shaye’s menaced medium Elise Rainier. And by new adventure, I mean she’s facing off against a ghost in her own home that has keys for fingers. Scary?

Insidious: The Last Key opens January 4th, a release date that is inauspicious to say the least.

Is it just me? Have I grown numb to Shaye’s whispers and this PG-13 franchise’s family-friendly brand of scares? Has real-world terror stripped my gears for fictional tension? It’s not the last, because this morning I witnessed a trailer that legit gave me chills.

Check out The Lodgers.

Any movie that creepy sings the rules to survive gets my money. It’s just fact.

Official synopsis:

A gothic ghost story about orphaned twins Edward and Rachel who share a crumbling manor in 1920’s rural Ireland. But they are not alone. They share the house with unseen entities who control them with three absolute rules. As separate fates draw them apart, the twins must face the terrible truth about their family’s ghostly tormentors.

Directed by Brian O’Malley, this delicious bit of gothic horror id giving me Crimson Peak vibes, and I’m not mad at it. In fact, I’m only mad that The Lodgers doesn’t have a US release date yet. But the Irish offering will make its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival this month, so hopefully news of Stateside distribution will follow.

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