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If Russia Got Cooler, It Would Be Fictional

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | May 13, 2010 |

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | May 13, 2010 |

Russia is like that insane kid from college who rarely showed up to class, drank more than the entire football team, smelled just a little funny but always aced engineering lab when he bothered to show up and was best known for making occasional pronouncements that made absolute and utter sense so long as your moral compass was a Möbius strip. Oil flooding into the ocean? “Just nuke it,” is Russia’s awesome response, topped only by the next paraphrased sentence: “we’ve done it five times, works like a charm.”

Russia’s movie industry is sort of like Bollywood or the porn industry. If there’s a successful film, there will be a knock off in short order in all three of those markets. Together they are an unstoppable trifecta of mimeograph movie-making. Bollywood’s been late to the Twilight rip off, but there are several lampoons of it already from the porn industry (now there’s fertile territory for some real time reviews). And Russia is now in the game with Devil’s Flower. The trailer is below and seems to be wholly cribbed from a very lonely teenager’s doodles. There are rumors that actual plot exists, but they’re unconfirmed as of this writing.

Ok this looks like a spin off of “Passions,” but here’s where it gets positively Russian. This film was almost finished filming when the last few years dropped the world’s collective metaphorical piggy bank into a river. The investors behind Devil’s Flower ran out of money and stuffed what little they had left into their mattresses. Production was put on hold and then a bit later a little film called Twilight came out and demonstrated the design for a machine that could actually turn teenage stupidity into raw money. Devil’s Flower found a bit more funding and managed to finish filming. Then they proceeded to edit it to look exactly like Twilight in every imaginable way, including the poster:


But that wasn’t enough … they hired the voice actors who did the Russian language dub of Twilight for its Russian release and redubbed their voices over the entire film. Yes, they hired different actors to talk over the voices of the actors in the actual film, just so that they would not only look and act like the characters from Twilight but sound exactly like them to Russian audiences.

That’s some Pinky and the Brain level nefariousness right there.

(source: Film Drunk)

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