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I Have Nothing Left to Fear: Move Over G+, Bryan Singer's H+ Is Nigh

By Cindy Davis | Trailers | July 26, 2011 |

By Cindy Davis | Trailers | July 26, 2011 |

Some days you wake up and look around, realize how far technology has come in your lifetime and wonder what is left to fear. How far are we really, from the stuff of science fiction? How soon will it be before we’ve caught up to those things we only dreamed…the nighmares of movies? It’s all right around the next corner, what with identification implants and healthcare companies pushing for digital devices that will carry all our medical information. But just as criminals’ or cheaters’ cell phone and GPS information is being tracked by law enforcement agencies or private investigators, so shall we all be tracked one day. And if we’re being tracked, what other insidious uses will implants have?

Bryan Singer is way ahead of our fears with his new web series, H+. The X-Men, X2 director envisions a world where part of the population no longer uses external computers or phones—they’ve traded up for implants that allow them to interact with the internet through their own minds. But such wonders never come without a price and as with much of technology, privacy is the first to go. Would you really want other people to have direct access to your thoughts? And never mind other people, what about the company who made the product…and the government…and…

This trailer begs another question: have we hit the point where a web series will be better than television? I think we have.

Shit like this just sets my mind on edge and running off in a million directions. Could I be hacked? Tracked? Given a virus? Can I erase my own history? Will everyone know that I’ve been looking at the naked Skarsgård pictures? WHERE CAN I HIDE?

H+ will be out there somewhere, sometime, but as yet there is no specific release information to be accessed.

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