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How Your Opinion on Kevin Smith's Red State Does Not Make You a Good or a Bad Person

By Dustin Rowles | Trailers | July 28, 2011 |

By Dustin Rowles | Trailers | July 28, 2011 |

The facts are these: Kevin Smith made a lot of films that meant a lot to a lot of people. That may include some of you. It may not. To each his own.

Then Kevin Smith made a studio movie. It was called Cop Out. There are some who actually liked Cop Out. I disagree with them. However, that doesn’t make them bad people. It just means they have an opinion that differs from mine.

Are you following me so far? Good. I’m going to use small words.

Then Kevin Smith made a movie called Red State. In my opinion, I thought it was a very good movie. I enjoyed it. I thought it was very different from the kind of film one might associate with Kevin Smith. In fact, I am of the opinion that many who do not care for the types of films that Kevin Smith has made in the past might still enjoy Red State, particularly if they are fans of horror-type movies with an interesting religious subtext. Likewise, people who enjoyed films like Clerks and Dogma might not care for Red State as much because it differs in tone and sensibility.

Some critics disagree. They do not feel that Red State is a good movie. Many of those critics who disagree are under the belief that the people who did like Red State are Kevin Smith suck-ups. Some even suggest that people who like Kevin Smith are bad people. One even suggested that Kevin Smith fans are the “dregs of humanity.” In my opinion, the person that said this is a really awful human being. Many people might disagree with me, however, and think that this person is sage.

Meanwhile, some of those people who liked Red State feel that those who don’t like Red State are being obtuse or are disliking it out of principle. Because, maybe Kevin Smith said something that upset them or with which they disagree. Or, it’s very possible that the critics who did not like Red State genuinely did not like it. It was not their jam.

Maybe, when it comes to Kevin Smith, you are more inclined to respect the opinions of some of those critics who did not care for Red State. Or maybe, you are more inclined to respect the opinion of some of those who did enjoy Red State. It’s also very possible that, when it comes to Kevin Smith (or any other filmmaker for that matter), you don’t respect anyone’s opinion. Perhaps you feel that you do not need someone else to recommend that you see or not see a certain film. Maybe you would like to make up your mind yourself, or maybe you are indifferent.

These are all valid choices.

It’s also quite possible that, by watching a trailer, you could make up your mind about whether to see a film irrespective of what someone else’s opinion might be. Maybe you will find this trailer for Red State appealing and seek it out when the movie comes to a theater near you, shows up on VOD, or is available to purchase as DVD or download. Or maybe, you will think that it “blows” and you will choose not to watch the movie.

Whatever your opinion, it doesn’t make you a bad person. There may be many other things about you that, combined, make you a bad person, but your opinion on Red State or Kevin Smith alone doesn’t qualify to make you a good or a bad person.

Am I writing too fast?

Here’s the trailer. It is a Red Band trailer. That means that, depending on the type of work, home, or school environment you are in, it may not be suitable to watch right now.

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