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And Now The Screaming Starts

By TK Burton | Trailers | December 2, 2010 |

By TK Burton | Trailers | December 2, 2010 |

As you’ve probably figured out from this weird week of content, there’s fuckall going on these days in Hollywood. December means little news, and bracing yourself for shitty holiday pictures, award season, and the inevitable January/February dead zone where all of the cinematic garbage gets dumped upon us.

But there’s still some nuggets to be found, and since we all love horror movies (we do, don’t we? Anyone who doesn’t gets hit in the face with my car), here are a few of the lesser-known, but still interesting trailers out there.

First, a music video of sorts for the Norwegian film Troll Hunter that Steven Lloyd Wilson first mentioned a couple of months ago. Goddamn, this movie looks fun.

Next, the trailer for the very low-budget-looking, but still pretty goddamn freaky Luster, starring Billy Burke (known for playing Bella’s dad and one of the few decent actors in Twilight), Holly Valance (known for being in D.O.A. and… um… playing the model who sleeps with Eric in the first season of “Entourage”) and Xander Berkeley (known for getting few decent parts but generally being a cool actor), Here you go:

(source: Twitch)

Here’s the trailer for the adorably titled Inbred, directed by Alex Chandon, whose most memorable project is probably co-directing the 1998 documentary about extreme/black metal band Cradle Of Filth (actually an excellent band). I’m showing it not because I expect it to be any good, but rather because it’s actually a well-done trailer.

(source: Bloody Disgusting)

Finally, the most terrifying thing you’re going to see all week:

I give you… Beiberpalin.

(source: Mrs. TK sent this to me. I do not know where it comes from. The wretched grotto of Ubbo-Sathla, is my guess. Also, Mrs. TK worries me sometimes)

TK Burton is an Editorial Consultant. You may email him here or follow him on Twitter.

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