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Grammar Nazis Who Complain About This Title's Capitalization are Racist: blacktino Trailer

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | February 22, 2011 |

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | February 22, 2011 |

I really tried to find a suitable header pic for this post, but the film is enough under the radar that the only things that come up under the search for “blacktino” on Google image search are of nude men of a certain ethnicity and pictures of Danny Trejo. So you get Danny Trejo, because he’s Danny Trejo. And to be fair, he steals the trailer with his “what are your intentions with my daughter?” line. If acting stops working out for Trejo he could make a solid living standing in for dads to meet their daughters’ first boyfriends.

blacktino tells the story of a biracial overweight nerd in an Austin high school. He enters in a contest to write a script for the school play, and all manner of quirky characters ensue around him. Look, the trailer’s not bad, it’s just that it systematically hits every note on the quirky indie high school comedy checklist. That might not be a bad thing, per se. These checklists do end up evolving because they work, but there’s also nothing either laugh out loud funny about the trailer or monumentally emotionally wringing. That is to say that it doesn’t exactly sell itself so much as indicate what other movies it resembles.

blacktino SXSW Trailer from Aaron Burns on Vimeo.

For a title that makes explicit reference to the fact that the main character is biracial, and the implication that his script may anger people (presumably it’s about race and not about nerds although the trailer leads with that joke) the trailer doesn’t seem to have all that much to do with race.

The film is the first for director Aaron Burns and is also the debut for his lead actor Austin Marshall.

(source: SlashFilm)

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