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Exodus Fall Trailer: A Look At The Art Of The Movie Trailer

By TK Burton | Trailers | April 11, 2011 |

By TK Burton | Trailers | April 11, 2011 |

The art of a good trailer is still elusive to many folks. Sometimes they suffer from hyper-editing, sometimes they give too much away, sometimes they’re just boring. Someone recently asked me why I bother watching them. Aside from, you know, the fact that it’s my job, I watch trailers because I’m fascinated by them. I love the idea of trying to grab an audience by cramming a two hour film into 120 critical seconds. I’m interested in the newness of them and the anticipation that they create. And I’m also interested in them when they fail utterly.

My point is this: I have very little interest in Exodus Fall. It looks like serviceable family fare that’s just edgy enough to avoid being shmaltzy, but still is kind of bland overall. It stars Jesse James, Adrien Finkel, and Devon Graye as three kids who flee from their abusive mother (Roseanna Arquette, who I last saw in The Divide in a role that I’d very much like to blot from my memory) and go on a cross-country trip to find their loving grandparents and, you know, learn Very Important Lessons and shit.

But trailers are where things get interesting.

This is the original trailer, which debuted in April of last year:

Not bad, actually. Gives a good glimpse of the film. You know enough, it’s actually kind of intriguing/exciting. Solid music choices. I’m not crazy about the character voiceover, but I can live with it. It’s a rather charming trailer, overall.

Then there’s this one, that just came out last week:

Holy mother of God. Someone needs to find whoever did that voice work and jam live scorpions down his throat, because that… was… terrible. Took me out of the whole trailer, and made me absolutely never want to see the movie. I’m stunned.
I think we can safely say that trailer number two really is an utter failure. Which makes it interesting as hell.

Exodus Fall comes out later this month. Whether you think it’ll come out in theaters or it’s an ABC Family movie depends on which trailer you buy into, I suppose.

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