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Don't Trust the Darkness, Don't Trust the Light

By Miscellaneous | Trailers | August 18, 2010 |

By Miscellaneous | Trailers | August 18, 2010 |

You wake up and everyone is gone. Then everything goes dark. Everything.
That’s the beginning of Brad Anderson’s (Transsiberian, The Machinist) new film Vanishing on 7th Street. Survivors band together in a local bar, the only place that seems to have light. And then, over time, the lights flicker and start to go out.

Survivors of an unknown phenomenon trying to survive against the darkness? It sounds like it should really work. And the supporting cast looks solid. John Leguizamo, Thandie Newton, like I said- solid.
But the success of something like this hinges on the ability of the actor in the lead role. And I think you’re already assuming the worst since I’m building it up like this.
It’s Hayden Christensen. Best known for his spectacularly wooden performances in the Star Wars trilogy. And I can hear you saying “What about Shattered Glass? He was good in Shattered Glass.”
I will respond by posting the trailer. You can judge his performance. He has some really spectacular delivery of this dialogue.

But it’s not a terrible trailer, hey? Kind of an interesting premise. Doctor Who taught us that every culture has a fear of the dark. And I like that “Trust only the light that you hold in your own hand” line. It has some implications…

Vanishing on 7th Street will be premiering soon at the Toronto Film Festival.

(via Slashfilm)

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