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Just When We Thought This ‘Doctor Who’ Season Might Be Good This Year

By Victoria McNally | Trailers | April 3, 2017 |

By Victoria McNally | Trailers | April 3, 2017 |

I’ll be the first to admit that with the exception of the extremely solid fifth season, Steven Moffat’s run as Doctor Who showrunner has turned me off the series almost completely. But this upcoming season felt almost like a fresh start thanks to the arrival of Bill, a radically cool-looking new companion played by Pearl Mackie who — spoiler alert! — has already been outed as the first gay lead character (I said gay and lead, sorry pansexual Jack Harness and married Silurian lady) the show has ever had.

Except, now that I’ve seen this trailer I’m not so sure.

Remember how often the Tenth Doctor brought up pop culture in everyday conversation? He’d mention The Lion King or Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy or Harry Potter or Ghostbusters, and that dialogue almost always worked, because A) it informed the irreverent kind of character David Tennant was performing, and B) they were very specific timeless, references that were not attempting to capitalize on trends that would almost immediately date them.

You know what’s a bad pop culture references to make, in comparison? DABBING.


Yes, that’s right. Dabbing. Missy is dabbing. I have racked my brain to come up with a single salient reason why Missy should be dabbing, and I cannot. Dabbing was relevant on a mass scale for a single week in 2016, and it’s already too late for the “look how unhip I am trying to dab at you” joke because better shows (and several elected officials??) have already done that.

And that’s not even getting into the robot that “speaks emoji,” either. Jesus, really? Really, Doctor Who? This trailer is more embarrassing than that time you made Barack Obama an important framing device in the first half of David Tennant’s finale just so you could have the Master turn into him live during a press conference. Please don’t. Please. I beg you. I’m sure Peter Capaldi already begged you. Stop this.