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E.T. F--ked Up Your Home

By Brian Prisco | Trailers | July 9, 2009 |

By Brian Prisco | Trailers | July 9, 2009 |

All of our bus stations around L.A. have been emblazoned with posters demanding that Aliens Go Home, and declaring the space a Humans Only zone, and I figured, FINALLY, Fox News has gotten its way and all of the immigrants were being wiped out. Sure, we’d have no landscaping or food service, but hey, it’s the price we pay for xenophobia.

If you haven’t heart of District 9, which is the second foreign film to feature the number 9 coming out in this the year of our lord Aught 9, have no fear. Mostly content with a viral marketing campaign and some teasers, the alien thriller’s been trying to go for the steady buzz. And to an extent it’s working, as nobody’s openly groaning.

Below we’ve got the newest trailer, which gives a little more meat to the story. I’ve been a little wary, though I tend to trust the fat bearded horror men when they throw me the recommendations: either Del Toro or Jackson kinda has decent taste. I thought it’d be a lot more low tech than it is: there are glimmerings of Independence Day with the action sequences in the new trailer. I had been hoping for a little Alien Nation action — James Caan and Mandy Patinkin with super shotguns and hyperviolence. It’s rated R for bloody violence, which should give us all hope. The fat lady might sing, but that bitch is gonna be covered in a bucket of blood when she do. It seems like it’s got a pretty sinister sense of humor, but I’m not holding my breath. The aliens look like a combination of cockroaches and toasters.

But let’s face it — it can’t be much worse than G.I. Joe — The Rise of My Gorge.

Gatchaman Teaser Bootleg | First Images from Whip It