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"Dexter" Season Six Trailer

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | May 10, 2011 |

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | May 10, 2011 |

“Dexter” is gearing up for yet another season of family friendly wacky hijinks, with a new teaser to warm your palate. It tells us that “hell breaks loose” which is rather hilariously being dissected on a lot of television blogs at the moment. A religious angle? A prison break? A cliche with no actual relevance to the planned plot? I’d say it’s obvious what it means: Zombie Doakes.

There’s the old joke about “Murder She Wrote” that if an enterprising sort added up all the bodies found in Cabot Cove by Jessica Fletcher over the years, then the only feasible explanation for half the town’s population dying while she was handy was that she was a serial killer. By the same logic, Miami is absolutely freaking terrifying. Not only do bodies show up just about every episode, but because of Dexter’s code, all of them have killed other people. That’s a force multiplier of murder rates right there. Dexter’s killed around a hundred people, but each of them has killed at least a few of their own … I’m just saying that we’re probably lucky that intern Rusty is still alive given the sorts of numbers that’s multiplying out to.

“Nothing can prepare you for what comes next,” is the tag line for the season, which is about as generic as the PR folks can get without just having movie voice guy pronounce: “Episodes. Will. Air.” Here’s the new teaser, which although it’s a minute long is just 50 seconds of shots from previous seasons combined with a few plausibly new Dexter facial expressions. Also, massive spoiler alerts, but then if you care about being spoiled for seasons 1 through 5, why are you watching a trailer for season 6?

The big news that the teaser doesn’t get into is that Colin Hanks will have a recurring role, though there’s no word yet on what it will be. It would certainly be an interesting turn if he played a vacant eyed serial killer.

Showtime has insisted that this will not be the last season of the show, but with the looming season specter of season seven, the last hurrah for many shows, it’s a good time to wonder if they’re going to start moving the show towards a conclusion. It’s the sort of show that has a limited number of feasible outcomes: it ends with Dexter dead, in jail, free and killing, or free and having stopped killing. It will be fascinating to see which route the show runners choose, and how they decide to move towards it in the last couple of seasons.

There’s also no word yet on when Showtime will air season six, but production is slated to begin any time now.

(source: Cinema Blend

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