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"Courage, New Hampshire" Trailer: Harkening Back to a Better Time, Before Womens Got All Up In Our Grills with "Opinions"

By Dustin Rowles | Trailers | June 24, 2011 |

By Dustin Rowles | Trailers | June 24, 2011 |

I have nothing against the idea of Tea Party activists creating their own entertainment. It’s America (F*ck Yeah!), land of the home, brave of the free, just keep the immigrants out and the fetuses in, right? My problem is that both right-wing conservatives and Christian fundamentalists are just so bad at it. They end up undermining their own beliefs with schlocky movies, hacky writing, and poor production values. I have yet to see an honest-to-goodness decent piece of entertainment come out of that camp. Michael Moore may be a blowhard, but at least he’s a competent filmmaker. Hell, if Aaron Sorkin were conservative, there’d probably be a lot more Republicans in the world. There’s a reason why Hollywood is so liberal; conservatives are no damn good at it.

Take, for instance, “Courage, New Hampshire,” a one hour drama (that will go straight to DVD) created by the Tea Party to help “promote their values.” Good for them! This country was built on agitprop. The idea, at least in the Tea Parties’ mind, is to depict a more accurate 18th Century, which means no strong-willed women or Godless heathens. Obviously, such a thing didn’t exist back in the 18th Century, and damnit! Weren’t things so much better back then, before women started expressing independent opinions and withholding sex because you got caught staring at that Puritan lady with the nice tits?

Here’s the trailer, and best I can tell, it looks like a movie about the prosecution of Levi Johnston for knocking up the VP-nominees daughter and skipping out on the check. That it looks like shit probably goes without saying.

(Source: THR)

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