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Coming This Summer: Which Of These 7 Possible Blockbusters Will Get Your Money?

By Jodi Smith | Trailers | April 1, 2013 |

By Jodi Smith | Trailers | April 1, 2013 |

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Mike Myers has successfully transitioned from “Saturday Night Live” to movies, which is a feat in itself. The fact that Wayne’s World was so successful and that he was able to make a sequel and the offbeat So I Married An Axe Murderer is even more impressive. The question is, will he be able to continue that success with his swinging Austin Powers character?

The Lost World: Jurassic Park

It’s been four years since Jurassic Park hit theaters, showing us how awesome special effects can look and how frightening tiny dinos really were. Unfortunately, the sequel lost Sam Neill and Laura Dern. Can Spielberg create another dinosaur adventure that keeps us on the edge of our seats while keeping us filled with wonder?

Con Air

Nicolas Cage is on a roll lately and this is just one of two summer releases for him this year. After solidifying himself as a quirky actor in movies like Raising Arizona and showing his romantic side in It Could Happen To You, Cage flexed his action hero chops in The Rock. It looks like Action Cage might be here to stay.

Speed 2: Cruise Control

Speed was an action-packed movie with a different kind of premise. Now Annie (Sandra Bullock) returns with a new police boyfriend, Alex (Jason Patric), as they take a romantic cruise. Of course, that cruise soon turns dangerous as a hacker on-board takes control of the ship.

Batman and Robin

I love Batman! It’s been a little crazy with the changes in tone from the Michael Keaton and Tim Burton films to the Val Kilmer and Joel Schumacher Batman Forever. Schumacher returns again, but George Clooney has taken time off from his portrayal of sexy Dr. Ross on “E.R.” to step into the Batsuit. Chris O’Donnell returns as Dick Grayson/Robin and Alicia Silverstone joins the cast as Batgirl. Uma Thurman is villainess Poison Ivy and Arnold Schwarzenegger is Mr. Freeze.


Nicolas Cage’s second chance at a summer blockbuster co-stars John Travolta. The two get to play both the villain and the hero as they trade faces. Literally! I must say, this looks really cool!

Men In Black

Will Smith is hot on the heels of last year’s huge hit Independence Day and hopes that he and co-star Tommy Lee Jones can score a blockbuster. The premise is interesting: aliens live among us, disguised, and it is up to the Men In Black to make sure they stay under control.

So, which movie, or movies, will get your money this summer?

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Jodi Smith is a Senior Reporter, Film & Television at Pajiba. You can email her or follow her on Twitter.