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A Smug Voice in a Sea of Whining

By Dustin Rowles | Trailers | August 21, 2009 |

By Dustin Rowles | Trailers | August 21, 2009 |

After taking something of a smug break for Sicko — Michael Moore’s health-care documentary — it looks like the man has not only regained all the weight he lost ahead of that movie, but that’s he’s also back to his old self-abrasive obnoxious self.

Thank God.

Lookit: Sure, Michael Moore’s a little full of himself, a little too arrogant, and plays loose with the facts a bit, but so does Bill O’Reilly, so does Rush Limbaugh, and so does Glen Beck (at least, Moore doesn’t weep for ratings). The left needs Michael Moore. And Keith Olbermann. Because let’s face it: Liberals are push-overs. The left whines and moans and cries: “They’re distorting the truth. They’re making up shit. It’s sooo unfair.”

Fuck ‘em. The left doesn’t need another guy who tries to reason with the far right, they need a guy who plays their game. The right may own cable news and the radio, but the left has movie theaters. And it needs to take advantage.

Unfortunately, the bailout debacle seems a little dated. Sicko might have been more appropriate now, while Congress is debating a health-care bill (read: Getting pushed over by a few screechy nutters). We’re slowly coming out of the recession (fingers crossed), and the last thing we need is a reminder of what got us here. We know what got us here: Deregulation and subprime mortgages. I’m not sure I’m that interested in rehashing it. And it’s not like Michael Moore has ever offered solutions.

All of which is to say: I don’t expect much out of Capitalism: A Love Story. I don’t expect it to do particularly well, and Moore’s hints that he’s getting out of docs and into feature films suggests that he feels the same.

Anyway, here’s the trailer for Capitalism: A Love Story:

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