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Bro, Do You Even Understand THAC0? "Zero Charisma" Trailer

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | September 17, 2013 |

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | September 17, 2013 |

Sigh. I thought we were done with this sort of crap. Here’s the trailer for “Zero Charisma”, which totes itself as a dark comedy lampooning role playing game nerds. From the trailer, it appears to be doing that about as competently as “Big Bang Theory” lampoons scientists.

Here’s the obligatory plot summary:

As the strict Game Master of a fantasy role-playing game, Scott (Sam Eidson) leads his friends in a weekly quest through mysterious lands from the safety of his grandmother’s kitchen. But his mastery of his own domain starts to slip—along with everything else in his life—when neo-nerd hipster Miles (Garrett Graham) joins the game, winning over the group with his confident charm and dethroning Scott with an unexpected coup. Caught in delusions of grandeur, Scott must roll the dice and risk everything to expose Miles as the fraud he believes him to be. A darkly comedic fable of epic proportions, Zero Charisma is an ode to nerds from every realm.

Oh my god, that’s so funny and true to life. Role playing game nerds are incapable of understanding the difference between fantasy and reality, live in their grandma’s basement, and are overweight anti-social slobs. Thank god someone finally had the courage to point out these now obvious patterns that have been sitting in front of us all this time.

I could trot out all the usual citations. Vin Diesel and Curt Schilling play D&D. People who play games tend to actually be less anti-social because, you know, they sit around a fucking table and socialize with other people as a hobby. Blah, blah. The jackasses making movies like this aren’t listening anyway. They’ve got a stereotype and they’re going to run with it until the money dries up.

Are there RPG nerds like this? Of course there are. Just like there are people who fulfill every stereotype that has ever existed. But when the only story you tell is the same one populated by the same stereotype, then the targets of that stereotype tend to not take you seriously anymore.

How about this, oh directors and producers and such. Every movie for the next twenty years that features a character who makes movies, make that character exactly like Woody Allen. Year after year after year. Nothing but the neuroses and the tics representing something you enjoy in every film. Then you can make another film featuring the anti-social loser nerd cliche.

Steven Lloyd Wilson is the sci-fi and history editor. You can email him here or follow him on Twitter.

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