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Bereavement Trailer: That Ain't No Way To Raise A Child

By TK Burton | Trailers | February 23, 2011 |

By TK Burton | Trailers | February 23, 2011 |

It’s no secret that I don’t particularly care for children. Oh, yes, sure, I’m certain your little angels are wonderful and charming and all that crap, but I don’t like ‘em and don’t trust ‘em. You know what’s even more disturbing than your run-of-the-mill ankle-biter? One raised by a serial killer. Thanks, Bereavement. A whole new thing to be terrified of. Swell.

There are roughly five children on this planet that I don’t mind (yes, Dustin’s little one is on that list — kid’s friggin’ adorable, can’t be helped), but the rest I am severely distrustful of. And I’m betting that the kiddo in this trailer ain’t gonna make that list either. Here’s a little rundown for you:

In 1989, six year old Martin Bristoll was kidnapped from his backyard swing in Minersville Pennsylvania. Graham Sutter, a psychotic recluse, kept Martin imprisoned on his derelict pig farm, forcing him to witness and participate in unspeakable horrors. Chosen at random, his victim’s screams were drowned out by the rural countryside. For five years, Martin’s whereabouts have remained a mystery, until 17 year old Allison Miller (Alexandra Daddario) comes to live with her Uncle, Jonathan (Michael Biehn). While exploring her new surroundings, Allison discovers things aren’t quite right at the farmhouse down the road. Her curiosity disturbs a hornet’s nest of evil and despair that once torn open, can never be closed.

Ze trailer:

I mean, eek. Here’s a recent TV spot to whet your appetites more:

Hell, I don’t know if the kid goes crazy and gets all torturey-porny under the crazy man’s tutelage, but his shit can in no way be correct after five years of that. Anyway, the film stars Corporal Hicks Kyle Reese Michael Beihn and Alexandra Daddario, who was one of the better parts of the otherwise average Percy Jackson And The Olympians (yes, I saw it, no, I don’t know why, and yes, it was better than Clash Of The Titans). The horror sites/mags have been raving about Bereavement, for what that’s worth, but the trailer certainly has me curious.

TK Burton is an Editorial Consultant. You may email him here or follow him on Twitter.

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