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Your 'Veronica Mars' Countdown Has Begun

By Vivian Kane | Industry | February 21, 2014 |

By Vivian Kane | Industry | February 21, 2014 |

Warning: POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD. But, according to the interview, they’re all things that come up in the first scene of the movie. So, reader beware, I guess.

We have officially (if stating it right here, at this moment makes it official) begun our two week countdown to the SXSW premiere of the Veronica Mars movie. The latest poster was released last month and honestly, I’m not a fan.


I’m glad to see so many faces on one page, but if I weren’t familiar with the show, this would in no way make me want to see the movie. Also, I love Pacino humor as much as the next girl, but I think we can do better than this tagline.

In newer news, Rob Thomas gave an interview with Collider, and dropped a few marshmallow-shaped nuggets of information for us. Addressing the end of the series, in relation to where the film starts he says,

We do talk about the results of the election. We do learn in the first scene of the movie that Keith was indicted, he lost the election. He probably can’t be a cop again because of what Veronica had done. And she hasn’t worked a case since then, so it actually greatly affected her life.

He goes on to say, of her changed view of detective work,

She’s certainly rusty. It’s something that she tried to put in her rear view mirror. Something that she didn’t feel was healthy for her, and I think she carries around a bit of guilt for what she ended up doing to her dad. She’s asked why she hasn’t done it anymore, and she said it destroyed friendships and ended relationships and because of what she did, her dad won’t be able to be a cop again. So, yeah, I think she has been fueled by that for the intermediate years.

This makes me so very happy. Not her decade-old guilt, that doesn’t make me happy, but the focus on her relationship with her dad. The Veronica-Keith bond was possibly my very favorite thing about this show. So I really hope their relationship gets as much focus in the movie as it did in this interview.

Also, I want as much Vinnie Van Lowe as humanly possibly.



Via The Mary Sue.

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