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Your Favorite Eye-Rolling Amazon Goes Full Rom Com

By Vivian Kane | Industry | February 3, 2014 |

By Vivian Kane | Industry | February 3, 2014 |

I’m so very confused about my feelings surrounding About a Boy. On the one hand, I managed to get my hands on the pilot script, and … well, how do I put this delicately? Imagine someone took one of your favorite movies (or books, or both!) and squeezed out every last bit of charm and humor. Then they replaced the delightfully smarmy Hugh Grant with that guy you know from that one thing. And they condensed the entire story into 22 minutes. Then, to top it off, they put a One Direction song under the promo. That’s this.

On the other hand, the people behind this abomination remake just will not let my hopes settle to the nice low judgy place at which they like to live. First off, it’s Jason Goddamn Katims. Everything the man touches turns to TV gold. (If your version of “everything” doesn’t include the second season of Friday Night Lights and this season of Parenthood.) Plus, we’ve been told that there will be major Parenthood crossovers, and the more Crosby Braverman on my TV, the better. Plus, the hilarious Annie Mumolo and the underused and over-endowed Adrianne Palicki have signed on for arcs (along with Leslie Bibb, as seen above in that SparksNotes version of the movie). And now, most recently, Tony Hale has signed on as Minnie Driver’s ex-husband.

Tony Milford Man Hale, really? Well that’s it. My hopes, they’re high. Will I watch this show? Probably. Will I now only refer to it as About a Motherboy? Most definitely.


Via Zap2it and The Hollywood Reporter

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