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You Work For The Devil, You Better Be Ready For Him: Meet Your New Punisher

By TK Burton | Industry | June 9, 2015 |

By TK Burton | Industry | June 9, 2015 |

No, he’s not getting his own movie quite yet. But in many ways, this is better. Frank Castle, aka The Punisher — otherwise known as a borderline psychopathic serial killer who engages in the wholesale mass slaughter of criminals in the name of justice punishment — is going to appear in Season 2 of Netflix’s much-acclaimed “Daredevil” series. He will be played by “The Walking Dead” and Fury star Jon Bernthal.

The Punisher has had a mess of a history in films — Dolph Lundgren was ridiculous, Thomas Jane had the chops but the went for a toothless, boring version (but is redeemed in the excellent short film Dirty Laundry. Ray Stevenson was actually very good in Lexi Alexander’s Punisher: War Zone, but the script wasn’t nearly as good as the action of that film.

If you’d given me six months to ruminate over it, I would never have picked Bernthal. But goddamn, that is some terrific casting. The Punisher is a crazy character — driven, brilliant, and completely ruthless when it comes to his mission. He spares no criminal, and is one of the most feared — if not the most feared — street-level heroes (or antiheroes) in the Marvel universe. He’s a complex character in many ways, but he is terrifyingly single-minded and utterly, completely without mercy.


He has a long, complex, fascinating history with Daredevil, and there’s quite a bit of overlap in their respective rogue’s galleries. And since he’s another super powerless character, he fits well into the universe that Marvel and Netflix created for Daredevil.



Bernthal has both the intensity and the physicality to carry the role. And he’s clearly excited about it too.

Also, he loves dogs. So really this is a win for everyone.

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