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YOU DESERVE NOTHING! 'Benched' Canceled

By Emily Chambers | Industry | January 15, 2015 |

By Emily Chambers | Industry | January 15, 2015 |

USA canceled Benched. But I prefer to imagine this is how it went down.

This is why Brian’s piece on tv ratings is so on point. Maybe tv hasn’t been ruined because Benched was canceled, but we all now have a little less Eliza Coupe and Jay Harrington in our lives. And that’s a sad thing.

Here’s the part that really gets me though:

the series held onto consistent ratings of approximately 800,000 viewers throughout its 12-episode run in the fall.

Ok, so those aren’t good numbers. And granted it’s half the viewers of the show that USA did opt to pick up Sirens. But they’re consistent numbers. If you have almost a million people watching every episode of a show it means the show might be unpopular, but it isn’t crap.

And if a show isn’t crap, it deserves a chance. But instead of implementing a new ratings standard with all of the new programming, networks are still using old methods to judge what shows they should keep. Not only is it unrealistic and inaccurate, but it’s produced its own cliches: the “Don’t Get Attached, It’s Going To Get Canceled” show. Enlisted, Benched, Selfie. It’s not just the “Brilliant, But Canceled” shows. They’re the ones that we know we would like, but they won’t last so we never bother.

Maybe we should just start hoping for one solid, completely resolved season from these shows. If we can’t have the off- beat, weirder shows stay on air, the least they can do is kill cliffhangers for us.

In the meantime,

Source: The Wrap

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