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It's Official: 'Wonder Woman 2' Will Have A Female Villain And We Are Excited For It

By Jodi Smith | Industry | March 9, 2018 |

By Jodi Smith | Industry | March 9, 2018 |


Having just watched Thor Ragnarok and finding it to be perfection, I’m all in with the news that Wonder Woman 2 will have a female villain in it. Director Patty Jenkins announced the news via Twitter that Kristen Wiig would indeed be joining the sequel as Cheetah.

Some people may be annoyed by the choice of Wiig, but most people just wonder: Who in the hell is Cheetah? Do you mean Thundercats?

No, not Cheetara. This Cheetah is a classic Wonder Woman adversary who first appeared in 1943. She has been featured in some of the animated movies from DC and Warner Bros., such as Justice League: Doom, and is a playable character in Injustice 2.

Like most characters in comics, Cheetah has been the name used by several different people who set their sights on taking down Wonder Woman. Barbara Ann Minerva is the current Cheetah, a British archaeologist who took part in a ritual to house the cheetah god in her body. She had to take potions to achieve the form of Cheetah, but she is now able to control her transformation thanks to a witch named Circes. She’s powerful, with claws, strength, agility, and a tail she uses as a weapon.

Another version of Cheetah was Priscilla Rich, an actress and socialite who was jealous of Wonder Woman’s fame. She did not take the form of a cheetah but wore an animal print costume. Deborah Domaine is the niece of Rich, taking up the mantle after discovering her dying aunt’s hatred of Wonder Woman. Both women have their powers listed as “gymnastics”, so I hope that neither of them is the basis for the cinematic version.

Aside from considering which version of the villainess Wiig will play, can we talk about how nice it will be to see another female antagonist in a big movie? Assuming DC doesn’t June Moon everything up, we have the potential for an amazing game of cat and mouse that builds to an epic fight scene between two badass women with spectacular powers. We have to also hope that Jenkins steals a CGI person from Marvel so it doesn’t look like that climax fight in Wonder Woman. It was somewhere between Superman’s mustache eraser and Spawn, but was still engaging enough to detract very little from the movie.

Here’s hoping Jenkins and Gadot can successfully strike twice, opening the door for more female-dominated superhero stories with women behind the camera, saving the day, and plotting to destroy the world.

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