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Wolverine vs. The Comedian

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | March 30, 2009 |

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | March 30, 2009 |

Here’s a little bitch session between Wolverine and The Comedian, assembled by some random guy (literally, his YouTube name is ItsJustSomeRandomGuy).

Entertaining video. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot to add, but in attempting to find something interesting to say, I accidentally peeked at the YouTube comments. And I’m going to have to advise against doing that in the future. I may have broken my brain in three places. I’m going to need some serious epoxy to repair it. Those people take their random YouTube videos seriously.

For instance, M33Grov had this to say of the video: “well alan moore has writed lot and lots of cool comics he is one of my favourite writers but he is being very very unfair.”

The context for that statement is clearly inside of that man’s own head.

Dagon1234567, however, is clearly someone I wouldn’t care to run into on the street. He comments, “The Comedian bang a vetnamies and shot her but he is still cool.”

Now, that is cool.

But my favorite was this exchange over the correct usage of the word “tool.” As in, Dane Cook is a giant toolbox.


Just remember, the only thing LOWER than a pimp is a cuckold, so your admittedly near the bottom of the barrel. If you take offense and consider it an insult when someone tells you to read a book, then you’re admitting your some kind of ignorant primate. ALL APOLOGIES lord douche sniffer, feel free to get hit by a truck. Now, “Lets leave it at that” I’ll call you an ASS a couple times, you’ll stfu and, be the ‘bigger man’ and run off to lick yer fucking wounds. GOOD DAY SIR.


Wow, talk about venting your anger on the internet. I will just smile and say have a wonderful day my fellow human. I hope your not as big of a dickhead in real life as you pose to be on the internet. Probally not, your probally a tool in real life. Notice the correct usage of the word tool sir, notice it and please leave me alone you idiot. Sorry Youtube people that I wasted your time along with this idiot argument, I apologize. No more replys from me on this video.


You’re asking for the last word then? LOL
I never said you looked like an ass but you’ve said that to me 3 times now. I guess I’m justified in sinking to your level now? “switching around your wording”? I wasn’t aware that I did. I’d invite ANYONE to READ A BOOK, especially someone who doesn’t know jack-fuking-shit yet feels that he’d be helpful by spreading false information. I know you consider yourself to be a BIG TYMER PIMP, but consider how gay that is.


I don’t know “jack-fuking shit” there you go again sir with your sense of superiority for knowing the correct usage of the word “tool”which I really don’t care for. I know how to spell fucking by the way, and I picked this name because it amused me, and because dumbasses like YOU actually take it seriously for some reason. You are definetly trying to make me look like the bad guy, I don’t see why. Obviously you want the last word not me but I will reply for the last time.


And that, folks, was this week’s edition of “Fun with YouTube Comments.” Give your mind a few hours to recuperate, and head on back to the Pajiba for an exciting night of events we have planned. First up, “Fun with Amazon Commenters” (featuring our own Holland Oates), and later tonight, embarrassingly pointless Twitter bickering between movie bloggers, starring Latino Review’s @elguapo1! Talk about a toolbox!

(H/T to the Always Classy FlickFilosopher)

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