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Will Mindy Not Even Be On 'The Mindy Project' When It Moves to Hulu?

By Vivian Kane | Industry | July 27, 2015 |

By Vivian Kane | Industry | July 27, 2015 |

Remember back in May, when The Mindy Project very quietly moved over to Hulu after not being renewed at Fox? Honestly, you may not. That’s how stealthy the move was. At the time, many of us who weren’t overly happy with the show’s last season were hopeful that this shift could be the shake-up the show needed. Or, at the very least, it would be one final jaunty go we could rally around. Something to ease us out, like Community’s final run on Yahoo. Even though most of us didn’t watch that season, it was nice to know it was there. It was comforting.

But now it’s looking like there’s an even worse case scenario. That instead of a quality last hurrah, available whether we take advantage or not, The Mindy Project will be ending with a sad, tepid, fizzled death rattle whimper. Or at least, that’s how it sounds. From the looks of it, Mindy Kaling won’t even be on a certain undisclosed portion of the show, as they’ve cast her replacement for when her character goes on maternity leave. And in a move that shouldn’t be surprising, for a show that has two series regular characters of color, who also make up 2/3 of the female cast, Mindy’s replacement is this guy:


I know Garrett Dillahunt (Justified, Raising Hope, Deadwood, Sarah Connor Chronicles) is a fan favorite for some of you, but he always elicits a slight Anne-ish “Him?” reaction in me. And then I have to remind myself he was on Deadwood. And I liked him in Deadwood. He’s just so very pretty and blond, I always forget. Anyway, he’ll be filling in for Mindy while she’s having Danny’s perpetually disapproving baby. (I assume the child will inherit that gene from his father.) From Deadline,

He will play Jody, a new doctor who replaces Mindy while she goes on maternity leave. Jody is a charming southern gentleman with extremely traditional values who thinks that Mindy is a tacky idiot.
Okay, first of all, how many jokes do you we think will be made about a southern gentleman’s effeminate name in his first episode? My guess is four.

Now, I could (and very much hope I am) be wrong about Mindy ghosting from her own show. This could be a repeat of when she went to Haiti with pastor boyfriend and James Franco stepped in. She was still on the show, she just wasn’t in the office. And, if memory serves correctly, those episodes were weird. But at least she was still around! Or maybe if she does take a hiatus, it will only be a couple of episodes. That would be fine, right?

If I am right and Mindy isn’t even a part of The Mindy Project, I have a couple of suggestions for rebranding, maybe a new title. How about we just rename the show The Project? That seems more appropriate. Or maybe Four White Dudes And Tamara? That has a nice, terrible ring to it.

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