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Why Joss Whedon Cannot Kill Off Any Heroes In 'Justice League'

By Jodi Smith | Industry | May 30, 2017 |

By Jodi Smith | Industry | May 30, 2017 |

I know. You’re reading the headline and thinking, “THERE WILL BE BLOOD.” I really don’t think Joss Whedon can do his trademark murder of one of the heroes in DC’s Justice League now that he’s taken the helm from Zack Snyder. (If you weren’t aware, Snyder left the project in the wake of his daughter’s suicide in March to focus on his family.)

Now, let’s get one thing straight: Whedon will probably kill someone in Justice League. As Tori suggested: “…he kills Martha Kent, because he’s good at killing moms.” I will concede that murdering MARTHA, YOUR MOM IS NAMED MARTHA TOO??? would be a Whedon thing to do as well, it just strengthens my case that he cannot kill off one of the heroes a la Quicksilver.

Spoilers for Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Let’s get to it, shall we? WE SHALL.



Whedon cannot kill Cyborg (Ray Fisher) because he will be in The Flash standalone movie in 2020. There is also Cyborg’s own standalone flick, which doesn’t have a release date as of yet. Plus, this is a character that hasn’t been done a thousand times on the big screen so—wait. Neither was Quicksilver. Shit.

Still, Cyborg should be safe.

The Flash


As I just mentioned, Ezra Miller has a standalone flick in 2020 that needs his Flash to be alive. Sure, Flash has that whole gig on television, but I doubt they would want to let Whedon off the charismatic Miller to cut down on the number of Flashes in the DC Multiverse. Even if that seems like what happened with Quicksilver. Fuck.



Jason Momoa’s sexy Aquaman also has a standalone feature hitting theaters in 2018. He’s definitely alive for that. He’s also too much of a charisma fountain for DC to even dream of letting him go for the sake of a Whedon sacrifice. I don’t have a Quicksilver correlation for Aquaman, so I think he’s probably the safest hero so far.

Wonder Woman


Pfft, please. If the current buzz is any indicator, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman will start pumping out trilogies of her own and leave all of the boys behind. Kids, we may get a Wonder Woman vs. Cheetah flick or a showdown with Ares in the future. WHICH JUST THINKING OF THAT GOT ME SO STOKED. Don’t you touch her, Joss!!



There have been rumors about Ben Affleck wanting to ditch his cowl and leave the Batman behind. If DC were to allow one of the heavies to be sacrificed at the alter of feels, I could see it being Batfleck. Would it be a good idea? I suppose it depends on who they would have take up the mantle of Dark Knight. Of course, that means someone like Azrael or one of the many Robin/Nightwing iterations would have to be introduced in Justice League. That would be bad. Don’t do that. Batman is safe.



This bitch is already ‘dead’. NEXT.

So that’s all of the heroes and I think that you can see they will be safe. Alas, Martha Kent (Diane Lane) may be headed for Deadsville. Lois Lane (Amy Adams) could get the hook. Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen) could be axed. Literally.

I suppose we’ll have to wait until November 17th to see what the ultimate body count of characters we care about will be, but that won’t stop us from worrying.

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