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Why Don't We Say 9:30, And Then Make It Your Beeswax To Be Here By 9:30: Will There Be A Wet Hot American Summer II: This Time It's Personal?

By Rob Payne | Industry | June 24, 2011 |

By Rob Payne | Industry | June 24, 2011 | has posted an “exclusive” describing how the writing/directing/acting team of David Wain and Michael Showalter (“The State,” “Stella,” The Baxter) are “seriously thinking” about making a sequel to their 2001 cult film classic Wet Hot American Summer. The man who starred as both lovestruck Coop and talent show MC Alan Shemper, Showalter, states, “I really hope it happens.” You aren’t alone, Michael.

Various actors from the movie, including Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, and Christopher Meloni, are quoted as saying they would be happy to go back to Camp Firewood, and would be willing to take pay cuts in order to make the film happen. Rudd and Banks are busy, but they do tend to make several movies a year, Meloni has some time on his hands now that he’s stepped away from the “Law and Order” franchise, and the rest of the original cast, while working steadily, could probably find a month to shoot. After all, the first one managed to begin and end production within 29 heavily rain-soaked days.

Apparently, Amy Poehler also has an opinion on the matter, but you have to buy the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly the magazine to see what she has to say. (I’d wager it’s like the others, interested but non-committal, and recommend just waiting until her comments inevitably hit the web.) The only actor EW claims couldn’t be reached for comment was Bradley Cooper, who is clearly far too busy reigning as king shit of Emu Mountain to even squawk out a meaningless soundbite for this story.

And yet, meaninglessness is what strikes me as being the core here. I’m a huge fan of Wet Hot American Summer - my group of friends has turned it into a 4th of July tradition - but Wain and Showalter have talked for years about making a second, basically since they found themselves as cult icons after the DVD hit Blockbuster. So far, nothing has come to fruition, though the bulk of the cast did appear in The Ten, which had some good moments, but will never be a classic. At this point, the schedules of the original cast are only getting busier.

I would love, and so would any decent fan of hilarity, to see the ridiculousness of forty year-olds playing late-twenty-somethings at a summer camp reunion, possibly even portraying the characters in their 20s and teens, as Showalter also mentions their idea might be both a sequel and a prequel, Godfather II-style. Hell, the last scene of Wet Hot even establishes the justification for a follow-up, which is derived from this immortal exchange, and is also the origin of the above headline (copy/pasted from IMDB because I’m too lazy to transcribe it myself):

Susie: You guys, I’m really going to miss this place.
Coop: Me too.
Ben: Hey, let’s all promise that in ten years from today, we’ll meet again, and we’ll see what kind of people we’ve blossomed into.
Susie: Yeah!
Ben: What time do you wanna meet?
J.J.: You mean ten years from now?
Coop: Let’s meet in the morning so we can make a day of it.
Susie: Okay, so what is it? Is it like 9:00? 9:30?
Coop: Well, let’s say 9:00, that way we can be here by 9:30.
McKinley: Well, no, why don’t we say 9:30, and then make it your beeswax to be here by 9:30? I mean, we’ll all be in our late 20s by then. I just don’t see any reason why we can’t be places on time.
Gary: Okay, then, it’s settled. 9:30 it is. All agreed?
Together: Agreed.
McKinley: Good, because I have something at 11:00.

Ten years, eh? 2001 + 10 = 2011. The timing of the story is certainly apropos, but in the best of all possible worlds I would be presenting the trailer for one of the summer’s biggest comedies. I wouldn’t get my hopes up on the movie actually happening, is what I’m saying. Then again, if the entire crew really wants to make it their beeswax, they’re all professionals, so there’s no reason why they can’t necessarily make it on time. Or, at all. Until then, however, if you’re a fan, you can get your druthers in the comments by sharing your favorite quotes. I know you’ve got them, and I know I took one of the most memorable, but practically every line in the flick is quotable. Don’t disappoint me, my fellow Pajibans. Here’s some motivation:

Rob Payne writes the indie comic The Unstoppable Force, co-hosts the internet radio show/podcast We’re Not Fanboys, and is on Twitter @RobofWar. He also loves to fondle your sweaters fondue with cheddar.