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Who Is Playing 'MacGyver' In The CBS Series Reboot?

By Jodi Smith | Industry | March 21, 2016 |

By Jodi Smith | Industry | March 21, 2016 |

Lucas Till. That’s who is playing the titular MacGyver on CBS, which is a prequel to the series that aired in the late 80s through early 90s. A prequel television series for a television series that is older than the actor tapped to play the lead. Till was 2 years old when MacGyver went off the air in 1992.

We are old.

You may recognize Till from the newest timeline of X-Men movies, because he plays Havok. Surprisingly, Till must have really wanted to be the King of Rubber Bands Turned Into Anti-Tank Missiles, because you know that being a mutant pays well. I guess CBS thinks that their lock on old people and individuals who value nostalgia over quality are going to pull through for them again, so they were willing to pay for someone like Till. Not someone like the guy who plays Iceman, but Havok, sure.

I have so many questions about this series. Will Till be sporting the iconic mullet?
Will the prequel actually take place during the era it should fit into, keeping in line with the knickknacks and doodads available to a young Angus MacGyver? In short, I don’t want to see him tinkering with Nokias. I want to see him converting 8-tracks into a makeshift shield and CB radios into nunchuks.
Finally, the most important question of all: What will Patty and Selma think?

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